I love the results I have seen from feeding these pellets! My horse's overall attitude and health are excellent.

I have been feeding Fortitude Equine to JK Reckless Lady, and her Dash Ta Fame daughter, and it has improved their attitude and health. I highly recommend this supplement for horses that are high strung or lack focus.

Lisa Anderson, Manager of Copper Spring Ranch, Professional Barrel Racer

About a month ago, Erik and Laramie Jackson gave me a sample of their Fortitude Equine Pellets. I was anxious to give them a try on my 7 yr old gelding, Joey. Prior to feeding the pellets, he was on the muscle and breathing fire while roping on him. When I would warm him up, he just wanted to go fast the entire time! It was like holding onto a bomb, ready to blow at any moment. I knew he would be the perfect horse to see if CBD would help him relax. After just a couple days, you could notice the effects of the feed. We went back to loping nice, slow circles, without being a fire breathing dragon. His mind was much calmer, allowing him to watch cattle again and not just want to run! I am loving the pellets and just ordered a 5 lb bucket! I am looking forward to continuing to feed it to Joey and trying it on some other horses as well.

Kim Grubbs, Champion All-Girl Team Roping Heeler, event producer

"My 5-year-old barrel horse Abu, is just starting to be hauled and seasoned. Abu was extremely reactive and spooky which caused her to be very unpredictable in every environment. Handling her was frustrating, to say the least. With Fortitude she has become a new horse. Her ability to think and process information has improved tremendously. Her sensitivity levels have decreased and her emotional stability is much better. She is able to make a conscious decision instead of overreacting. She is now adapting to different situations more confidently and has become much easier to haul and ride. I am finally excited about her future!"

Theresa Sorlie, 5X Ram National Circuit Finals Qualifier

Hear Why Kristy Yerington feeds Fortitude Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Pellets

Why does my horse need hemp?

The Endless Potentials of Hemp

The benefits of feeding hemp to our equine partners are far-reaching and varied because of the many different naturally occurring compounds in the hemp plant. It can help with stress and anxiety in nervous horses, to decreased inflammation in performance horses who are using their bodies to their fullest potential, the benefits are seemingly endless, and supported by peer-reviewed research. Don't just take our word for it, check out our blog, where we cite the scientific literature that says so!

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Co Founder Erik Jackson consulting on 1000 acre hemp farms in 2019. This is how Fortitude has such a large network of trusted hemp farmers to source hemp to make their CBD supplement for horses

A History in the Hemp Fields

A Background in the Western Industry

Erik & Laramie Jackson - owners of Fortitude Equine sit with their daughter on a bench

About Us

Owners, Erik & Laramie Jackson, both grew up ranching and competing at rodeos. They continued through college, where they met at Montana State University in Bozeman, MT.

Erik is still an avid team roper and enjoys training rope horses. Laramie competes at rodeos and has a handful of young barrel horse hopefuls. They both enjoy spending time in the arena, all while raising their daughter Harper.

Full Spectrum CBD Pellets for Horses