Frequently Asked Questions

The smell is strong, what should I do if my horse won't eat it? 

If you have a horse that is picky or doesn't like the smell, we suggest mixing the pellets in your grain with some sort of oil. If they are extra picky applesauce will do the trick. Over time they get used to it and the oil shouldn't be necessary. 


Are there any drug interactions?

No - there are no known drug interactions. As always if you are concerned about feeding this in conjunction with another product, please consult with your vet!


How much do I feed?

We suggest starting your horse out with 1/2oz once per day. If a horse is extra hot-headed or anxious, you may want to up the dose to 1oz once day or 1/2oz twice per day. 


How soon will I see results?

Because hemp is a systemic, it will take 10-14 days to notice the best results. However, most people see an immediate change in their horse's behavior in a positive manner.


Can I give it as pre-race type supplement?

Hemp is a systemic, so you will see the best results when given once per day. However, we do have a few customers that have seen an added benefit when given once daily and again a few hours before competition. It is up to you to decide what is best for your horse. 


Can I feed this with other calming supplements?

We highly recommend only feeding 1 calming type supplement at once. You will not know which one is working properly if feeding more than one at a time.

Full Spectrum CBD Pellets for Horses