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We recently had the chance to visit with Samantha Fulton about her 2022 season. When asked about moments to look back and laugh at from her 2022 season, Sam said there was one worth mentioning.

“This year was so much better than last year as far as stories like this! One that I would share from this year was:

We were up in Ellensburg, WA in the morning and Filer, ID that night. Slack was fairly large in Ellensburg, and it is like a 7 ½ hour drive, plus you lose an hour going to Filer, so we knew we were going to have to haul butt there. Not to mention that after Filer we had to turn around and drive back to Ellensburg for a 9am slack. So we rope in Ellensburg and get out of there pretty good, but around Pendleton we start getting calls and notifications on our phones about wildfires in the area, and we hear that the interstate is shut down from Baker City to basically Boise. We have to make a decision whether we are going to duck off on this goat trail and try to make it there, or just stay on the interstate and take our chances. We decide to stay on the interstate and end up getting stopped in Baker and sitting there for an hour to see if they would open the interstate. They did not. But we ended up going to this bomb little fruit stand at the truck stop there!

It turns out that we wouldn’t have made it to Filer even if we would’ve taken the goat trail. So we proceed to turn around and drive the four hours back to Ellensburg. We drove 8 hours with $6/gal diesel for nothing but some fruit.”

Professional rodeo contestants spend thousands of hours and close to a hundred thousand miles in a truck during the rodeo season. Their horses go every mile with them. Sam chooses Fortitude Equine to help keep Hank & Sambo’s, inflammation down and eliminate some of the stressors that come with hauling.

Fortitude Equine - Breakaway Roping - Samantha Fulton

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