Maintaining Your Performance Horse

Fortitude Equine - Maintaining Your Performance Horse

If you’re like us this New Year, you probably have pretty big goals for yourself and your horses. If one of your goals is improving your horse’s performance, we can help!

What makes a performance horse a performance horse?

Everybody has their own definition, but generally speaking, a performance horse can include any horse that is actively ridden, trained, or may carry or pull a load. Often, these horses compete. With this broad definition of performance, most horses are considered performance horses. Since horses' performance activities vary in duration and intensity, the support required to keep these horses performing comfortably must also vary. As horse owners and competitors, we understand that every equine athlete is an individual, and what works for some doesn’t always work for others.

As performance horse owners, we understand performance horses.

We both enjoy riding and competing in the disciplines of team roping and barrel racing. While they have their differences, both timed-event sports require our horses to be physically and mentally on top of their games before every run. Owners can help achieve this through conditioning, the best vet care, and select nutrition, but if you’re wondering how to give your horse the winning edge this season, we’d absolutely recommend the simple, cost-effective solution of adding our products to your feed regimen. 

Evidence suggesting CBD products as an alternative to traditional drug treatments for a wide range of conditions is very compelling, to say the least. So far (after 23,000 published papers), there have not been any significant side effects attributed to CBD supplementation in any animals (some canine trials noted diarrhea and possible interaction with prescribed drugs). The potential benefits outweigh the risks, especially if you are looking to CBD as an alternative to the chronic use of phenylbutazone for pain relief or omeprazole for stomach ulcers or other gastric issues since both drugs have well-documented adverse side effects with chronic use. While CBD may not be the cure-all that it is sometimes marketed as it has absolutely proven itself as a supplement that belongs in your barn.

In short, keeping things as simple as possible is what we recommend! Don’t just take our word for it; try our Fortitude Full Spectrum Hemp Pellets for two weeks to see for yourself! This is a cost-effective way to see the benefits of our product without the commitment. Your horse will thank you!

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