Summertime Trailer Must-Haves: Get ready for the summer on the road or just a weekend away from home

There’s a lot that goes into a successful summer on the road. Whether you’re packing for yourself or your four-legged athletes, each trailer will look a little different. Aside from the very obvious things that you have to have; saddles, bits, ropes, and boots, there are many other things that people find important to have on hand! Hopefully this list gives you a little more insight on what it takes to leave home for the summer and keep everyone happy & healthy. I asked the burning question to a handful of my friends who are out on the road all summer long, or have been in the past.


What are some MUST HAVE items for you or your horse when you leave home for the summer?

Jimmie Smith

  • Zesterra
  • Standing Wraps
  • Electrolytes
  • Hot wire


Darby Fox

  • Raspberries and other healthy food options in the fridge
  • Topo Chico
  • My Dog
  • Good Coffee


Sam Fulton

For Sam

  • Spindrift sparkling water
  • Espresso machine
  • Her rodeo dog, Harper

Fortitude Equine, Athlete Sam Fulton & her dog h\Harper

For her horses

  • All of her Fortitude Equine products (duh)
  • Omeprazole
  • Runner’s Relief
  • Soft Rides
  • PHT magnet boots


Anna Jorgensen

  • Her dog Millie
  • 3D Cream for her horses


Sabrina Ketcham

  • An extra halter – bailing twine isn’t a great option when yours gets broke or stolen
  • The fold-up wagon has been life changing to haul feed or shavings. You’re often parked what seems like miles from your horses.
  • Extra set of boots for your horses
  • Extra headstall and reins. Most barrel racers have more than one but if you only take one assume it will get broken.
  • Banamine and the knowledge to use it if your horse doesn’t feel good.
  • Vodka. If you don’t think so, enter more…


Ty & Cierra Erickson

For them

  • Healthy Snacks/food in the fridge. We prefer to cook and eat in the trailer.
  • Nespresso is a must. So we don’t have to buy good coffee everyday while we’re gone. Coffee is a lifeline!
  • Daily Devotionals by Sarah Young & My Performance Journal by Donene Taylor
  • My personal therapist – Blazie the Frenchie
  • My cheerleader – Cedona Anne (our 2yr old daughter)

For the horses

  • The laser
  • Bemer blanket
  • Nebulizer
  • Injectable Vitamins/Supplements to keep them feeling good
  • Electric fence to setup pens


I think (almost) everything on this list is something that I have in my trailer now or have had in the past. There’s no right or wrong answer here, just personal preference. Here is a (VERY) small list of things that I won’t leave home without.

  • My family (Erik & Harper)
  • PHT blanket/wraps
  • Healthy food in the fridge!
  • My Bible & Devotional books
  • BOB stroller (obviously not horse related but when rodeoing with a toddler I find this 100% necessary)
  • Fully loaded vet box (bute, banamine, dex, chlorpromazine, ventipulmin, Lasix, SMZ’s, sucralfate)
  • All of my Fortitude Equine products (obviously)
  • Hot wire fence
  • A good vacuum (Again, a must when traveling with a toddler and dog)
  • EquiResp
  • Bonus: We never leave home without our pug - Bella

Fortitude Equine - bible

Some of us may leave just for the weekend, while others leave for months at a time. We hope this list gives you more insight on what it takes to leave home for an extended period of time with horses in tow. What are some things you would add to this list? 

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  • This was so fun to read and helpful to see what others do as well! Thank you for putting this list together!

    Cierra Erickson

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