Unlocking the Power of Amino Acids for Performance Horses

Every horse is unique, and providing horses with specific nutrition tailored to their needs can make a huge difference in their performance. One way to do this is by supplementing your horse’s diet with amino acids. Let’s explore why amino acids are such an important part of equine nutrition and how they can help performance horses reach their full potential.


What are Amino Acids?

Amino acids are organic compounds made up of nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. They form the building blocks of proteins, which are essential for healthy tissue growth and repair in both humans and animals. There are 20 different amino acids that play an important role in a horse’s health, but only 11 of them can be produced naturally by the body. The remaining 9 need to be supplied through the food or supplements a horse consumes.


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The Benefits of Supplementing With Amino Acids

Supplementing with Fortitude Equine – Complete Aminos provides a number of benefits for performance horses. Because they're necessary for tissue repair, they can help reduce muscle soreness after exercise and help prevent injuries caused by overexertion. Additionally, since amino acids play an important role in metabolism, supplementing with them can increase energy levels and improve overall stamina. Furthermore, because some amino acids have antioxidant properties, supplementing with them can also protect against oxidative stress caused by intense physical activity (like training and competing).


How to Supplement With Amino Acids

When it comes to supplementing your horse's diet with amino acids, there are several options available. You can choose from many feed-based supplements, like our Complete Aminos. The difference between Fortitude Equine and other brands, are the amount of amino acids in each product. Fortitude Equine – Complete Aminos contain 18 bioavailable amino acids. Most competitor brands of amino acids contain 10 or less.

Amino acid supplementation is an effective way to provide performance horses with the nutrition they need to stay at peak performance levels without overworking themselves or risking injury due to overexertion. By supplying these essential nutrients, you can ensure that your horse has all the resources he needs to perform at his best every time he hits the track or arena! Taking steps like these will help ensure your horse has everything he needs to succeed!


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