What is hemp seed oil? How is it different from CBD?

What is Hemp Seed Oil and how is it different from CBD? 

Hemp seed oil is exactly what it sounds like: Oil that is pressed from pure hemp seeds. This oil is thick, nutty, and very rich in nutrients. The seeds are pressed in a cold-press process that keeps the many beneficial compounds present in the oil from volatilizing or changing form. Hemp seed oil does not contain any CBD, THC or any other cannabinoids in significant amounts. 

CBD oil is different, in that it comes from an extraction process that removes CBD from the flowers, leaves and stalks of the hemp plant. What comes out of this extraction process is either CBD distillate or CBD Isolate. The difference between these two products being the purity, or of the percentage of CBD by weight in the product. The CBD isolate or distillate is mixed with a carrier oil, generally hemp seed oil or olive oil, to make CBD oil. 


Anti-inflammatory properties

Even though hemp seed oil does not contain any of the wonder molecule (CBD) that you have heard so much about, it does have many varying and wide reaching benefits of its own. Researchers have found that hemp seed oil can decrease inflammation in multiple studies. This is mainly due to the high amount of GLA, or Gamma-linoleic acid, found in hemp seed oil. Also to thank for this anti-inflammatory effect is the golden 3:1 ratio of omega 6 and 3 fatty acids found in hemp seed oil. Doctors and Veterinarians agree that this ratio of fatty acids has a major anti-inflammatory effect and is very beneficial for joint health. 

Antioxidant properties

Another great benefit of hemp seed oil is the antioxidant properties that it exhibits. In multiple studies, hemp seed oil has been shown to reduce oxidative stress at the cellular level. This is due to the unique composition of polyunsaturated fatty acids and various other antioxidant compounds such as linoleic acids. Linoleic acid has been shown to have immunoregulatory properties as well, promoting a healthy immune response. 

Digestive health support

Hemp seed oil has also been tied to digestive health in some studies. Overall, when you reduce inflammation in the body, digestion gets better and more efficient. In addition to helping digestion through reduced inflammation, the various fatty acids in hemp seed oil promote a healthy gut microflora, which is the true foundation for all digestive health. The health effects of a strong gut microflora are very far reaching, from the brain to the coat and hooves. 

The research continues to pour in...

All in all, the benefits of hemp seed oil are far reaching and varied, with much more research to be done. Universities such as Kansas State, Tarleton State, Oregon State, Cornell, and many others are currently conducting research on hemp as an animal feed ingredient with very promising results. Cold Pressed hemp seed oil is one of the main kinds of hemp feed that has been researched, along with seed meal. As more research comes out, we will continue to post about it here, so subscribe to our email list to stay in the loop!

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