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With so many different CBD products on the market, many people wonder, what is the difference? At first glance, most products may all look roughly the same, but there is significant variation among CBD products, especially CBD products made for horses.


For starters, the most significant difference between CBD products for horses is the potency of those products. Most of the CBD products for horses on the market contain 100mg or less of CBD per serving. Almost all of the established scientific literature on CBD use in animals recommends 1-5mg of CBD per Kg of bodyweight. For horses, this factors out to around 500mg-1500mg CBD per dose. The problem with this is, most horse CBD products fall WAY below this potency standard. Some of the most well-known products on the market contain around 50-100 mg per serving, which is not a large enough dose of CBD to have a very noticeable effect on most horses. This has led to the misconception in some people that CBD may not really work. Fortitude on the other hand was formulated from the start with 750 mg per ½ oz serving or 1500mg in a 1oz scoop. This way, you know that your horse is actually getting enough CBD in each serving to be making a difference. We also back this up with Certificates of Analysis from accredited testing laboratories.

The reason that other companies have lower potency products is mainly because they are using CBD sources that have been extracted from the plant through chemical processes. These post-extracted products, such as CBD isolate and CBD distillate are more expensive per gram of CBD, and so these companies either have to produce a lower potency product to hit the desired price point or charge much more than is reasonable.

Some other companies also use post- extracted hemp biomass, meaning hemp that has been run through the extraction process and most of the CBD has been taken out of it (around 1% is still left because of imperfect extraction efficiency). This biomass is very low CBD, but some companies do make their hemp supplements out of it because it is cheap and easy to find a consistent supply of.

At Fortitude Equine, we only use the best, hand picked hemp biomass, which was grown from seed genetics that we produced in our other company Plant Fuel Genetics. We are very well-connected through our years of growing seed and consulting on farms, and because of this, we have some very well trusted, close farming connections from which to source the best, cleanest, pesticide free, most potent hemp biomass possible.

Hand-picked farmers

Many other supplements on the market simply get their raw materials from the lowest cost source. At Fortitude Equine, we have a great network of hemp farmers from which to source the highest quality biomass possible. We have spent the last 5 years building relationships with these farmers and have had personal oversight over the production quality and agronomic practices that go into growing these hemp crops.

More than a CBD supplement

Because we use great quality hemp biomass with no fillers, colors, flavors or preservatives, Fortitude is more than just a CBD supplement. Natural hemp biomass contains flavonoids and terpenes, which have both shown to have therapeutic potential separate from that of CBD, which contributes to what scientists refer to as the “entourage effect”.  If you want to learn more about the entourage effect, check that out Here. In addition to those, hemp also includes amino acids, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and the forage-type content (leaves and stems) is a natural stomach pH balancer when consumed. All this combines into a supplement that is truly full-spectrum, with all of the benefits that hemp has to offer.

Horse owners, hemp industry experts

Being actual performance horse owners means that we have skin in the game with regard to quality. We feed this supplement to all of our own horses every day, and our horses are members of our family. This means that they get only the best, cleanest, most high-quality feeds and supplements possible. Many other CBD supplement brands simply see your horses as a profit center or another product in their immense lineup of pet products. We see it differently, we only make products for horses (although we have ground up our pellets and fed them to arthritic dogs with great results), and we see your horses as members of your family who need feed and supplements that have the utmost care and research put into them.


All of this can be summed up in one word: Quality. We care very much about the quality of the product that we produce. We make sure that we have the most potent product possible, so that your horse actually feels the full benefits of CBD. We produce as full-spectrum of a hemp supplement as possible, so that all of the other beneficial hemp compounds can contribute to the overall effect of the supplement, known as the “entourage effect”. We care about the quality of our product because we care about the health and performance of your equine partners, because they aren’t just a horse, they’re a member of the family.


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