Can CBD help improve performance in my horse? What we know about CBD

  • What Sets Fortitude Apart?

      With so many different CBD products on the market, many people wonder, what is the difference? At first glance, most products may all look roughl...
  • What do we know about CBD use in horses, and is it beneficial?

    Have you been hearing about this thing called CBD for awhile and wondering what it is all about? Or have you or someone you know been taking a CBD supplement and seeing beneficial results? In either case, you may be wondering “is this something that could be beneficial to my horses?”.
  • What is The Entourage Effect and what does it mean for CBD supplements?

    We are strong believers that there is much more than just CBD at work in our full-spectrum hemp pellets, which is why they aren’t labeled as “CBD pellets”. This is also why we strongly believe them to be a superior product to oils and tinctures. In the case of a full spectrum hemp product, the benefit lies within the synergistic relationship between terpenes & cannabinoids. 
  • CBD and Inflammation: The Science

    CBD is often touted by consumers and researchers alike, as a cure-all, a miracle molecule that holds the potential to relieve a wide range of condi...
  • Get to know who we are

    “From our years in the hemp industry we have amassed an extensive network of farmers and other industry professionals involved in getting hemp products to the market. We saw a need in the equine industry and found a way to meet that need without straying far from our knowledge base. A 100% natural, high quality supplement with minimal processing, to help support horses while competing, training, and traveling continues to be our #1 goal. Fortitude was born out of that desire.“

Full Spectrum CBD Pellets for Horses